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Gratitude and Giving Back

Smiles of Winter Haven volunteering at Free Dental Care Day

As the holiday season approaches, it’s a time when we reflect on the things we’re thankful for and express our gratitude. At Smiles of Winter Haven, our dental team has so much to be thankful for, and at the top of our list are the wonderful patients who entrust their dental care to us. We know that our patients have many options when it comes to choosing a dental practice, and we are genuinely appreciative of the trust they place in us. In the spirit of gratitude, we recently had the privilege of participating in a Free Dental Day, and we’ll share the heartwarming details of that experience in this blog post.

A Day of Giving Back

In the spirit of giving back to our community, the Smiles of Winter Haven team eagerly volunteered to participate in a Free Dental Day on November 18. This special event was made possible through the generous sponsorship of the non-profit organization, Smiles for the Community, and hosted by our sister practice, Lee Dental Care in Fort Myers. It was a day filled with purpose and compassion, as we set out to make a positive impact on the lives of our fellow community members.

Our team joined forces with teams from our sister practices and other dedicated volunteers from the community. Together, we provided dental care to 228 patients who had their choice of a cleaning, an extraction or a filling free of charge. The sheer number of patients we were able to assist was humbling and reinforced our commitment to serving our community. During this event, we collectively performed 656 procedures. The total value of the dental care provided amounted to an incredible $75,608.

Transforming Lives, One Smile at a Time

While it may sound like a cliché, the Smiles of Winter Haven team derives immense satisfaction from helping people regain their confidence through their smiles. There’s something truly special about knowing that we’ve played a part in transforming someone’s life by improving their dental health and appearance. Whether it’s through a thorough cleaning, tooth-saving fillings, dental crowns, or crafting a well-fitted denture, the joy of witnessing a patient leave our Winter Haven, FL office with a wider, more confident smile never loses its magic.

As we reflect on this season of gratitude and giving, our hearts are filled with warmth and appreciation. We’re grateful for our amazing patients who continue to support us, and we’re thankful for the opportunity to give back to the community that has embraced us. Our commitment to providing exceptional dental care and making a positive impact on the lives of those around us remains unwavering.

In conclusion, we’d like to extend our heartfelt thanks to each and every one of our patients. Their trust allows us to spend our days doing what we love most—helping people smile brighter and healthier. We look forward to continuing this journey of gratitude and giving. We look forward to finding ways we can give back to the Winter Haven community that has accepted us so warmly.

Call us at (863) 656-7741 to discuss your questions or concerns.
Call us at (863) 656-7741 to discuss your questions or concerns.

We understand that every patient walking into our office has unique needs. Smiles of Winter Haven is equipped with the latest equipment and technology to provide an amazing dental experience!

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