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“Dr. Redelius is the freshest dentist I know. Not only does he have a great taste in music, but he’s probably the chillest doctor you’ll ever have. He’s so laid back, but very thorough. He always explains what’s going on and makes me feel like part of the procedure. He makes me feel like more than just an open mouth in a chair!”

– Christina


“Dr. Redelius who was also very gentle when taking care of my oral surgery.”

– Charles


“I was referred to Dr. Frank by my mom. Super friendly and we are so thankful for his help!”

– Colleen


“DR R. Is great. I feel comfortable and at ease as I sit in the dentist chair.”

– Deb


“Dr. Redelius has been so helpful, kind, and gentle! Nothing ever felt forced and nothing was ever done that I didn’t want to do or didn’t expect.”

– Ashley