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Meet The Team

Dental Hygienist at Smiles of Winter Haven Dentist Office
Dental Hygienist


Maria, our dedicated Dental Hygienist at Smiles of Winter Haven, brings a wealth of experience and passion to our dental team. Originating from Venezuela, Maria’s journey in dentistry began in 2008 when she earned her general Dentist license. In 2017, Maria achieved her License as a Registered Dental Hygienist in Florida. Her decision to pursue dentistry was fueled by a desire to help others in the medical field while maintaining a flexible lifestyle. Her compassion and enthusiasm allows her to connect and educate patients on the importance of their oral habits and overall health.


Maria values the opportunity to learn from the experiences of her colleagues and finds fulfillment in helping patients navigate their oral health journey. Maria enjoys traveling, exploring new places, and spending quality time with her family outside of work. Married with two children and a rescued dog named Bullet. Maria has been a valued member of our team since 2023. Her commitment to excellence and genuine care enriches the experience of both colleagues and patients at Smiles of Winter Haven.


Dental Hygienist at Smiles of Winter Haven Dentist Office
Dental Hygienist


Andrea is an accomplished dental professional with 8 years of experience in the field. She brings a unique perspective to her dental career growth; she started as a Dental Assistant and now serves Smiles of Winter Haven as a Dental Hygienist. Originally a Dentist in her native Venezuela, she continued pursuing her passion in dentistry when she moved to the U.S. Andrea enjoys of providing excellent service to patients and witnessing improvements in their oral health.

Outside the dental office, Andrea finds joy in various pursuits that enrich her life. During her time of leisure, she enjoys spending time at the beach, painting canvases and caring for her plants. Andrea’s journey reflects not only her professional expertise but also her commitment to personal growth and a well-rounded, fulfilling lifestyle.

Office Manager Smiles of Winter Haven Dentist Office
Office Manager


Sonya, a proud native of Hillsborough County, brings over two decades of experience to her role as a dental Office Manager. Her experience in the field, has cultivated her deep understanding of dental care and management.

Beyond her managerial duties, Sonya has also shared her knowledge as a Dental Assistant instructor, shaping the next generation of dental professionals.

When she’s not busy overseeing operations at Smiles of Winter Haven, Sonya indulges in her passion for football, eagerly cheering on her favorite teams. Yet, her greatest joy comes from spending precious moments with her grandchild, especially attending his sport events on the weekend.

Caring Patient Coordinator Mary at Smiles of Winter Haven Dentist Office
Patient Care Coordinator


Mary, a valuable Dental Assistant with an impressive three decades of experience in the field, has made significant contributions to the dental community. Her versatile skills extend to serving as a Dental Assistant and a sterilization technician in a previous role, showcasing her commitment to various aspects in the dental field. In her current position, Mary finds fulfillment as a Patient Care Coordinator, where she excels in explaining complex dental insurance coverage to ensure transparency and understanding for our patients. Originally from Miami, Mary sought the tranquility of the Central Florida area, drawn to its calm and serene atmosphere.

During her well-deserved time off, Mary embraces the beauty of nature and coastal living. She indulges in the therapeutic ambiance of the beach, fishing, and enjoys the thrill of hunting. Mary’s extensive experience, coupled with her genuine passion for patient care and a balanced lifestyle, defines her as a respected and well-rounded professional in the world of dentistry.

Dental Assistant


Michael is a seasoned Dental Assistant with 12 years of invaluable experience in the field. His journey began as a Dental Assistant, where he swiftly mastered the intricacies of dental care. Additionally, he has served as a sterilization technician, ensuring the highest standards of safety and infection control in the dental practice. Michael’s dedication to professional development led him to complete an endodontic boot camp, to strengthen his knowledge in complex dental procedures.

His favorite aspect of dentistry lies in the powerful transformation of restoring smiles, bringing joy to patients’ lives.

Outside of work, Michael enjoys recreational pursuits such as bicycling and rollerblading, indulging in the freedom of movement and fresh air. He also has a passion for travel and enjoys exploring new destinations, accompanied by his love for dining out, and experiencing diverse cuisines.

Dental Assistant at Smiles of Winter Haven Dentist Office
Dental Assistant


Linda, born in Orlando, Florida and raised in Puerto Rico, has accumulated five years of invaluable experience in dentistry. Allowing her to become a driven Dental Assistant with a mission to help patients renew or retain their smiles. Her dedication goes beyond measures; Linda finds fulfillment in making patients feel comfortable and at ease by thoroughly explaining their dental procedures. 

During her time of leisure, Linda prioritizes quality time with her family creating lasting memories. She also enjoys activities such as swimming and reading.  Linda’s journey in dentistry reflects not only professionally but with a genuine commitment to her patient’s well-being and an enjoyable life.